Dark Quotes About Death

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i dont exactly agree with this quote because i believe a lot of the worlds population of people are good people most of lights quotes though are dark

it is the cause not the death that makes the martyr napoleon

death can come eny time eny were so better hurry up and do as many

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there is one person that truly knows me and i have changed a lot for her

i invite anyone that think they can itll be fun to see you

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depression is like a war you either win or die trying

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it is easy to go down into hell night and day the gates of dark death stand wide but to climb back read more

at physical death man loses his of the flesh and becomes

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some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check but that

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i didnt attend the funeral but i sent a nice letter saying i

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angel of death dont fear the reaper

quote on depression depression is living in a body that fights to survive with

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death is pitchdark but colors are light to be a painter

quote death is a matter of closing ones eyes in this dimension

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